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About Our Events Calendar

The Discover Nikkei events calendar is a place where Nima can share information about events in their area or anywhere else in the world! It’s meant to be a resource for people everywhere to find out about fun, interesting, Nikkei-related events happening wherever they are.

Our calendar is unique because it is interactive, meaning that all events are posted by members of the Nima-kai community. This way, you can learn about more events than the Discover Nikkei staff could ever share with you on our own. Help bring Nikkei communities together by letting us know what’s happening in your area!

Getting Started

Can anyone post an event on Discover Nikkei?
Yes! Anyone can post an event. All you have to do is create a Nima account with us first.
Okay, I’ve created an account. How do I post an event?

Make sure to activate your account by clicking on the link within the confirmation email and then log in. Then, just click here.

To add a new event from anywhere else on the site, move your mouse over “Community” under the Discover Nikkei banner at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Events.” From there, you will be taken to our events page. Click “Add an Event,” written in blue underneath the calendar.

I’m not very good with computers. If I email my event information, could Discover Nikkei post it for me?

Sorry, but no. Because of the number of inquiries we receive, the Discover Nikkei staff can’t offer to post event information for you. Posting it directly yourself ensures a timely posting, while also providing the option for you to update or correct information as needed.

If you’re having trouble posting an event on your own, read through our FAQs to see if we’ve already answered your question. If you’re still confused about something, email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help you with your problem!

Do I need to know HTML to post an event?

No, you don’t need to know anything complicated to post an event. You can use the text editor that works similarly to common word processing programs to highlight text to make it bold or italics.

If you would like to edit the HTML for your event page, though, you can. Just click the “HTML” button on the editing page.



Can I post event information in multiple languages? What is the best way to do this?

Yes, we’d love for you to post in multiple languages! Once you reach the “Add an Event” page, you should see four green tabs above the input box, each labeled with one of the four Discover Nikkei site languages. Clicking on one of these tabs will give you space to type your information in another language.

You can post in just one language, all four, or any combination you choose. Just make sure you post under the correct tab (i.e. English under the English tab, etc).

Also, please note that there are only separate language tabs for the “Title” and “Description” sections of your event. “Location” will show up only in one language, as you enter it.

I posted my event information in both Japanese and English. But for some reason, the Japanese shows up on the English page and the English shows up on the Spanish page! What did I do wrong?
Make sure you post your information under the corresponding tab for the language you are using (see previous question). The system can’t recognize languages on its own, so double check before you publish that everything is in the right place! This way, the information will be easily accessible to people who want to read it in their language.
Can the Discover Nikkei staff translate my event for me?
Unfortunately, due to the high volume of events posted on our site, we cannot translate event information for you.


Date and Time

I want to post a recurring event, like a weekly class or a monthly meeting. Is there a good way for me to show this?

This is something our staff is considering. For now, you have two options:

1) For an event that happens frequently (weekly or multiple times per week, etc.) within a period of time, you may want to give the dates of the entire program.

For example, if you’d like to share info about a taiko class that meets twice per week from June through August, you may want to set the start date as June 1 and the end date as August 31. Then in the description field you could write, “Meets every Tuesday and Wednesday.”

2) For an event that happens less frequently (monthly, bimonthly, etc), it may be worth the extra time to post each recurrence as its own event.

The benefit of posting each event separately is that the event will be displayed on each date in sorted lists.

When I go to type in the date of my event, a calendar pops up. How do I select a day from a different month? Can’t I just type in the date myself?

When you see the calendar, you can scroll to a different month by clicking on the arrows on either side of the name of the month.

You can also add the date manually by writing it in the following format: YYYY-MM-DD (ex: 2010-07-13).



I don’t see anything in the state/province drop-down menu. What should I do?
This menu will be empty until you select a country. Once you do that, the states/provinces of that country should appear in the menu.
I can’t seem to change my state/province. What did I do wrong?
This is a problem that has been happening every so often. If you are unable to change your state/province, try changing your country to “No location.” Then, reselect your country. State/province options should reappear and you can make your change this way.



What are tags?

Tags are labels that you can add to an event to make them easier for others to find. Common tags include locations (“West Hollywood,” “Los Angeles,” and “Southern California,” “U.S. West Coast” could all be tags for the same event, for example), types of events (“taiko,” “book signing,” “workshop,” “Obon,” etc.), or anything else that you think might make the event easier to spot (“family,” “Buddhist,” etc).

One thing to note: our system does not recognize different forms of the same tag. For example, “LA,” “L.A.” and “Los Angeles” are not automatically grouped together. So when you tag your event, spell out your tags fully. This will help group similar events together for easy access.

What format should I use for tags?

Tags should be separated by commas or spaces. If you’d like to use a tag that includes spaces or commas, enclose the words in quotes. For example, if you’d like to tag an event with “World War II” and “museum exhibit,” your entry should look like this:

"World War II" "museum exhibit"


Publishing, Editing, and Deleting Events

Can I preview my event before I submit it?
We don’t have a preview feature, but you can go back and edit your information anytime once it’s been submitted. So don’t stress if you forget something the first time.
I think I’ve done everything right, but I can’t seem to submit my event. What’s the problem?
Double-check to make sure you’ve filled out all the required fields: title, description, starting date, and country.
I submitted my information, but for some reason my event doesn’t appear on the events page. Why is this?

First, make sure that nobody else has already posted the same event. If two events have the same title and date, only the one published first will show up online.

If there is no other event with the same title and date, send us an email at and we’ll help you figure out what's going on!

Someone else has posted my event already, but I would like to add/correct the information. What can I do?
Contact us at or you can add additional info by posting a comment on the event.
Can I edit my event info once it has been published?
Yes, you can, but make sure you’re logged into your account first. Then, click on the event that you want to edit. Once you’re on the event page, click “Edit” to the left of the event title.
I just edited my information, but now I can’t seem to publish it. What’s going on?
Make sure all the required fields are still filled in, especially “Country.” Sometimes the system will reset these fields when you go back to the editing page, so it’s a good idea to double-check.
Can I delete an event after it has been published?
Yes. Though, of course, you can only delete the events that you published yourself. (We couldn’t have people deleting any event they felt like!) Follow the instructions for editing the event (above) and click “Delete Event” at the bottom of the page.


Still Having Trouble?

If we haven’t answered your question here, send us an email anytime at and we’ll be more than happy to help you.



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