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What prompted heavy religious involvement (Japanese)

A central figure for the “Makegumi” (defeatists)



(1916-2010) draft resister, helped form the Heart Mountain Fair Play Committee


Treatment by Chinese students

(1917 - 2004) Political activist


The Nikkei community's view toward Former President Fujimori (Japanese)

(b. 1948) Executive Director of Amano Museum


Escaping to a small village in the mountains during the World War II (Spanish)

(b. 1937) Professional journalist


Leaving children in daycare all day to work (Japanese)

(b.1900) Issei plantation worker in Hawai'i.


Postwar school-life

(b. 1930) Half Japanese and grew up in both Japan and the United States.

Hoshiyama,Fred Y.

Life in Yamato Colony

(1914–2015) Nisei YMCA and Japanese American community leader


Delivering know-how to the next generation (Japanese)

(1911-2010) Founder of JACTO group


Japanese Americans are more aware of their Hapa identity

(b. 1965) filmmaker and artist

Real People on Video Listen to the stories of Nikkei from around the world through life history video interviews. An Issei pioneer from Brazil, a woman incarcerated in Canada during World War II, a professional taiko performer, a former U.S. state governor ...these are some of the real people who share their life experiences from the Nikkei perspective.
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